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utility vegetation management

Utility Vegetation Management

Is the practice of managing vegetation growth in and around electrical facilities infrastructure from the substation to the last customer on all feeders rising from the substation. This may consist of chemical and mechanical control of vegetation growing within a substation to cyclical maintenance trimming of vegetation along a feeders route to minimize or remove vegetated threats which could cause an interruption or outage on that feeder. It also would include the planned removal of declining trees or tree leaders that are dead, dying or structurally stressed due to age, weather or other environmental factors, through their Tree Health Survey program.

PES, LLC can assess the existing utility vegetation management practices and make recommendations for a cost effective planned approach to managing the vegetation in and around these facilities in order to enhance electrical reliability to the utility’s customers.

PES, LLC will develop a program that will be designed around the Goals and Objectives of the utility and within it’s financial allocations.